Mother’s Day musings

My Mother’s Day fell somewhere between being mildly hilarious and exceedingly ordinary. It’s probably what happens to us all…

The day didn’t get off to the best start when I was the one who got out of bed before my husband to attend to the wide-awake and very wriggly 18 month old who sleeps between us. After a less-than-perfect night (try sleeping next to something whose genetic material seems to be primarily derived from kangaroos and octopi), I’d had enough anyway, so I was happy to forsake any thought of a sleep-in and get the day underway.

It didn’t get any better when later in the morning, as I was in the midst of giving my daughter a big cuddle, she delightedly squealed “Mummy” when she saw her daddy and leapt out of my arms into her father’s…

Finally, the day started to look up when my husband offered to take her outside to play while I got to stay inside and…bake myself some gingerbread. Yep, that’s right, I made myself my own Mother’s Day present. As hubby mischeivously told me afterwards “You’re not MY mother”…

The day ended well, however. How could it not…a seriously gorgeous daughter, a pretty damn good husband (he did redeem himself later by making me a delicious risotto), perfect weather and some homemade gingerbread to munch on.

Here’s to the delightful world of motherhood!

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  1. To motherhood and beyond.. cheers. Just came accross this blog from a link in a signature of a lovely lady on a forum I frequent. I do say I love the posts I have just read. marvellous… I will be back 😉 Always, Sophie


  2. Glad you like it Sophie, we’ve just started and are very excited.

    Sounds like my Mother’s Day was similar – I started with a gorgeous girl on either side and we just pottered around and did domestic things. It was lots of fun.


  3. Posted by plahski on May 11, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    We went camping with my mum, dad, sister and a hired cowboy 😛

    It was freezing and I woke up and dingoes were howling… then I woke up and they were hiding in the bushes a few meters away… I snuggled the baby a little harder…

    It was lovely but didn’t really have anything to do with mothers day. I did make melting moments for the trip and mum and I got the last two. That was the only bit of mothers day glory we had!


  4. Posted by mummytiff on May 13, 2009 at 1:08 am

    We travelled down South to spend some time with my folks and my sister, BIL and neice – they were down there enjoying a week of time share. Sadly my beloved doggy passed away whilst being kenneled with our vet while we were away. He was sick but I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t make it through the night (we were only away for one night). I’m not doing too well with it but realise it’s normal to grieve and am trying to go with the flow without resorting to curling up in the foetal position and sobbing in a corner – just a tad scary for the kids if I did that I suspect 😦


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