13 Uses for Terry Flats

My household would grind to a halt without old-fashioned  terry flat nappies 😀


  1.  Nappies! Obviously, they still work well. I tend to use flats or nudey bum at home and my MCN when we go out or at night.
  2. Chuck cloths. Having had one happy chucker and one with reflux, I lived with a flat over my shoulder and one in every room.
  3. Cleaning hands and faces after baby self feeding. Need I say more?
  4. Cleaning the floor after baby self feeding. We eat outside a lot 🙂
  5. Peekaboo.  Lie there with a nappy over your face and a delighted baby will rip it off.
  6.  A light blanket in the car.  Easy to keep some handy in the back.
  7. Car window covers.  Especially on long drives, they are the perfect size to put in the top of the window for shade.
  8. Hiding toys.  A good way to start playing hide and seek or Kim’s game.
  9. Cleaning up after tradesmen fix the hot water system.
  10. Base for ironing on vliesofix for minkee appliqueing.  They’re thick enough to protect a desk so you don’t have to get the ironing board out, you don’t get glue all over your ironing board or cloths, and the loops are good so you don’t squash the pile of the minkee.
  11. Toy capes.  Clip to the shoulders and off they go!
  12. Nappies and blankets for toys and dolls. 
  13. Food covers at picnics to stop flies.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. We mainly used ours for spew rags. Even then we had to use the whole half dozen for Erin’s atomic reflux.


  2. Posted by Michele on September 5, 2009 at 11:50 am

    I love this post! Was determined when I was pregnant that I would try and use cloth, wasn’t anti disposables just preferred cloth. I think I bought 2 dozen or so. (I’ve used them as nappies twice. both times they fell off even though I was using the same trick for folding them as Mum did when she had my baby brother and sister – now 28 and 30! It was amazing how easily that folding pattern came back. Unfortunately the pinning trick didn’t) So they’ve never been used as nappies, but many of the other uses you’ve listed I nodded at!
    Of course you didn’t mention what a great change table cover they make – at home cause that plastic’s awfully cold, and they’re handy for drying little bottoms, out – no explanation required!

    Am using cloth: pocket MCN’s.


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