The Fairy Party – Themed Play

I’m a huge believer in using themes with your kids, it makes it so much easier to think of different and interesting things to do when you’re stuck in a rut.  And the Fairy Party is going very strong at the moment.  In fact big girl wanted to stay home from daycare the other day because she has so much to get done, but was reminded that she had to give her friend there an invitation.

She is so excited about her party and whatever excites her, excites baby girl who just adores her.  We have a calendar for her to cross the days off and she’s stuck it to one of the doors (literally, but clag paste won’t last forever).


She chose the colour scheme and style on Publisher, then put the pictures in.  Click and drag makes things so easy, she even learnt how to resize which takes a bit of co-ordination. 

Then we put some invitations together.

doing invites

We used the same technique of letting her choose the fonts, colours and style on Publisher while I did the actual writing, then she spent a day decorating them.  I printed out lots of extras and she had a ball!  Now there’s play with a purpose.

Invitation to the Fairy Party

OK it’s not brilliant artwork, but it’s her invitation for her party, and I’m sure her friends will love it just as much as a beautiful neat one.

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  1. Posted by Capricious on September 12, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Deb, those invitations are just beautiful! You must be so proud of your little girl. I think it is really special to get something with so much thought and effort put into it.

    Early childhood educator’s say that the process is so much more important than the product and this is such a great way of making your child’s birthday so much more exciting- the lead up seems just as exciting as the party.

    What a fantastic Mum you are!


  2. Hey! This post was originally titled “It’s the process, not the product” but that’s now the next one lol I thought the theme idea should come before specifics.


  3. Posted by mummytiff on September 12, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    Do beautiful Deb! I love it!

    Intersting to know that Early Childhood educators say that Cap……’s hard for me to let go and follow that but I manage too. I always want everything DD (or DS) makes for people to look “perfect” but figure that she’s done the work and that’s all that counts. I remember Xmas cards last year – I wrote them all and then on the left handside of about 70 of them wrote “a picture for you from Isabelle” and gave them to her to do a few a day for a while. For most of them, despite being able to draw suns and beautiful faces and even starting to do a kind of flower she chose black pencil and did some angry looking lines! I was so tempted to push the coloured pencils and “suggest” what would look nicer but really had to bite my tongue!


  4. Fairies and Dragons Parties offers fairyland-theme dress up parties for birthdays and other special family events. We just had my daughters 4th birthday at Fairies and Dragons and she absoltuely loved it, so did we and so did all of the girls who came and their parents.


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