Monday Money – Important Date A Coming!

An important date is coming, it is much closer than you think. How much planning and preparation have you done for the day, and the aftermath that follows? Yes I am referring to Christmas. It is not that far away and I like most people usually leave things to the last minute, have no plans for what I am doing and what I need for the day.

It is not just about gifts for family and friends. There is so much more to Christmas that most of us don’t think about, it is a day with a few extra people around for a meal, we all over eat and drink and suffer the consequences for the next few days. Unfortunately our wallets, and more importantly our credit card suffers for several months after whilst we struggle to bring the balance back under control. We don’t think about it to much because it is only once a year.

For those of us who are paid fortnightly, there are 6 pays to go before the big day, the last one is due the day before Christmas, if your employer is nice you might get that a couple of days before to ease the burden slightly. This appears to be sufficient time before Christmas, no need to panic just yet, plenty of time. But hang on a second, isn’t the credit card close to full, what bills are due, the council rates must have arrived by now, the end of year work parties, all are going to add pressure to the already tight budget.

OK, so I like the dramatic! There is light at the beginning of the tunnel, not the end, we switched that off to help with the Greenhouse and to help with the budget. Start your planning and buying now, don’t put it off and say it can wait. It won’t! Start with working out what you are doing on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, you will have some idea. You don’t need to finalise all the arrangements but you can gradually get things underway for the day.

Pay day on Thursday, the weekly or fortnightly shopping, add a few items you are going to use at Christmas. Write a list of all the things you are going to need, include drinks, then start buying these and put them aside when you get home. Make sure that you let everyone know these items are not for use. Make sure that you check use by dates on items to make sure they will still be ok by Christmas.

Lay-bys are a good idea for the larger item that you want for Christmas. Most larger stores have this available. An expensive item spread over 5 or 6 pays is much easier to pay for than the same item being paid for in one hit. The small cost of the lay-by is worth it if you don’t have to hammer the credit card again.

Before the Christmas cheer arrives, look closely at your finances. I hope that we can all have a Merry Christmas and a more financially Happy New Year. There are a number of ways we can plan for events. Start as soon as possible to plan how you are going to pay the money you ‘borrowed’ on credit to pay for this year’s celebration. Develop a plan of attack and then enjoy your well earned break. May the beginning of the new year be a prosperous one.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Capricious on October 12, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Thank you so much for the reminder!

    We have put a number of presents on layby and have a few in the top of the wardrobes, including the stocking stuffers that always seem to be forgotten about until the last minute! Your post has inspired me to start the lists of who else we need to buy for and also organise a Secret Santa between members of my extended family.

    I really like the part of your post about the ‘extras’ that tend to sneak up during the Festive Season- and have started to think about what I can stock up on when I go grocery shopping.


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