13 Reasons I Like Dora

I’m not into commercialisation, I really don’t like most of the kids shows and groups or at least the way they’re marketed.  However we have managed to amass an extremely extensive Dora the Explorer collection and I’m actually pretty impressed at how she stacks up as something I’m happy for my daughter to watch.  So here are 13 Reasons I Like Dora.

  1. She’s child shaped, not some distorted miniature model.
  2. She’s a girl doing all sorts of active, non-traditional things.
  3. She’s adventurous and goes all over the place, including the jungle and fantasy lands.
  4. She goes outside and gets lots of exercise, but it’s not just organised sport.
  5. She’s independent, confident and a problem solver.
  6. She’s dark skinned, not a cute little white angel.
  7. She’s imaginative and creative with a rich fantasy life.
  8. She has all sorts of friends, male, female, cows, monkeys, trolls, …
  9. Swiper isn’t purely evil, sometimes he’s good and sometimes he’s bad, which is realistic.
  10. They celebrate and acknowledge good things.
  11. I like iguanas, I just have a thing for reptiles.
  12. Her mother is an archaeologist, professional, female, scientist, how many great role models in one.
  13. She interacts with adults, it’s not just a Neverland full of children.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by JulieJ on November 26, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Another Dora lover here too. I use Dora in “one step removed problem solving”….what would Dora the explorer do? How would Dora solve this problem. She’s great!


  2. I have no children so I have never watched this show though I have heard of it. Those sound like very good reasons to like it.


  3. Great idea for a T13 from a mom who knows Dora all too well 🙂


  4. My kids love Dora too! It’s also one way of learning a little spanish!

    My Thursday 13


  5. I like dora too…Happy thanksgiving and Thursday 13 too.


  6. I’m way past the kid’s show era so I’ll take your word for it – I was a big fan of Tweety Bird in my day, lol.

    Here’s my 13 Things to do with LEFTOVER TURKEY!


  7. I’ve never seen Dora (my sons are way too old for that), but it does sound like a positive and encouraging show for youngsters.


  8. Your description of Swiper reminds me of Snape 🙂


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