Cooking with Kids: Salads

Salads are very popular here, they’re a great healthy meal and something kids can very easily be involved in.  There are lots of advantages in having the kids involved in cooking dinner, the most obvious of which is that then you don’t have to entertain them!  Plus we’ve found with our 4 year old that she’s more likely to eat something if she’s helped make it.

The 4 year old is now known as ‘Queen Salad Maker’ and she is very proud to teach her little apprentice.  Just about every evening she asks if she can make a salad.  Some of the things they can do with minimal supervision:

  • Use scissors to open packets.
  • Tear lettuce leaves
  • Use a spoon to scoop out avocado.
  • Use a small, fairly blunt knife to slice peeled cucumber.
  • Use a fork to get olives or corn out of the jar or tin.
  • Wash and add cherry tomatoes.
  • Pull off florets of cauliflower.
  • Chop up sliced ham – even a butter knife will chop up most cold meats.
  • Chop cheese slices or tear it into chunks.
  • Mix the salad in a big bowl.
  • Add dressing, so long as someone else has measured it out!  Don’t let them loose with the bottle on their own 😀

Then they usually stand there and self serve while the rest of dinner is done, which is a pretty good way for them to eat vegetables!

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