I’m a kisser.

Last night, I welcomed a new member into our family. Now, don’t get excited- I haven’t hidden a pregnancy (although my stomach muscles say otherwise)

My darling cousin has moved back to Australia after 7 years in the UK, bringing with her her partner. Last night I met him. And he is fantastic. I have heard to so much about him in the last few years that it seemed natural to meet him with a hug and a kiss.

Yep, I’m a kisser.

He didn’t seem to be weirded out and I did tell him later that he had made it through the first and toughest part of the screening process- meeting the (possibly over) affectionate members of the extended family and not being overwhelmed (or at least hiding it really well)

My in-law side of the family are kissers too. But they kiss on the mouth. I never realised why whenever I saw them I seemed to bump heads- literally! Then I realised- when they came in for the kiss, I would turn my head to go for the cheek while they were aiming for my mouth. It was like being in year  9 again. It’s become a lot easier since I realised, but has taken a while to get used to kissing my Father in law on the mouth lol.

I was speaking to my Brother’s Girlfriend the other day who told me that she is most definately NOT a kisser. She is happy to kiss my Brother and…that’s about it- she doesn’t want to air kiss, or kiss on the cheek and when I told her about the kissing extended family on the mouth thing, she shuddered. But that’s ok.

Not everyone can be a kisser. Different strokes for different folkes and all that. But if you see me coming…pucker up!

5 responses to this post.

  1. My stepson’s girlfriend is a kisser, she’s adorable but I have to keep reminding myself why she’s jumping up whenever someone walks in the door or leaves. And my sister lives in Spain, so her family does the whole European thing. I don’t mind, it’s more that I need a reminder! Even though I don’t do it myself I think it’s nice, it’s very welcoming.


  2. Posted by Jannah on February 9, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    Depending on who I am with depends on my kissing status! My nan used to always kiss us on the lips, my pop still does, and I have no issue with it. Other friends, I will kiss on the cheek, others not at all. I tend to take my direction from them.
    Although, I do kiss my children on the lips, which is apparently “weird” to some.


    • Posted by Capricious on February 10, 2010 at 10:10 am

      I hope that I am good with ‘reading’ people- I take my direction from them too. And Smidge kisses on the mouth with his mouth wide open and tongue out- so no avoiding those ones 🙂


  3. Oh I really hate the whole kissing people upon greeting thing. I never know if I should do it or not, if they want to do it or not, how they do it, etc etc.


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