13 ways in which I am priveleged

Thursday 13

  1. White
  2. Well-educated
  3. Middle – upper middle class
  4. Heterosexual
  5. Able
  6. Never been abused
  7. Cis (not transgender)
  8. Financially independent
  9. Accessible communications technology
  10. Married
  11. English speaker
  12. Healthy
  13. My immediate family are healthy

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13 responses to this post.

  1. I can identify with six of your thirteen! That’s more than half right? Haha! I love the idea of this list!


  2. Having health is a biggie.


  3. Having had our share of family health problems the last few years I know what a gift good health is, and I’ve never been one to take technology for granted. ~ Calico Contemplations


  4. You are truly blessed. Happy T13!


  5. Wow, what an interesting idea for a TT. I was particularly intrigued by number 6; I would never have thought of that.


  6. There are way too many things in life to list that would suffice my ‘privileges’. No matter what color of skin….being American I think would top my list.

    My Thursday post is now posted if you’d like to drop by…. 13 sisters


  7. I think health and family would be tops on my list.


  8. I was trying to think of privelege in terms of discrimination – racism and sexism are the ones everyone is familiar with, but people are marginalised for all sorts of reasons, not just the obvious. It was an interesting exercise to see all the ways I fit in with the top of the social pecking order, to help me recognise if my words or actions are discriminating in more subtle ways.

    Of course the flip side is that there are ways that I’m not priveleged and I’m becoming more aware of that too. The dilemma is how and when to stand up for myself.


  9. I’m able to say yes to 11. It is a good thing to know when you are fortunate–so you help the ones who aren’t so much.


  10. Health and family comes first for me =) Mariposa’s T13


  11. Posted by Penelope Anne on February 19, 2010 at 12:49 am

    You lost me at hello 🙂 Nope, great list.
    Hope you’ll drop by my blogs for my T13s at The Cafe & The Library.


  12. Posted by A Desi on February 21, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    you sure are very lucky 🙂

    More than just annoyed


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