When Smidge was a wee young thing we had one trick (apart from the Magical, Mystical Milky) that was guaranteed to calm him down- Newton Faulkner. Track 5 played on volume 12 in the car. Friends were amazed that it would work everytime, without fail. Actually it worked so well that we also used to play the album to him each night while his Dad was putting him off to sleep, he was never awake by the last song.

So when we heard that Newton Faulkner was playing the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival this Easter weekend my DH and I decided to take the plunge and introduce Smidge to the fantastic experience that is Bluesfest. Held at the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm in beautiful Byron Bay (northern NSW) Bluesfest is a 5 day festival of Blues and Roots music. We decided to just venture down for the one day, Easter Saturday. We couldn’t wait for Smidge to be able to dance along to live Newton Faulkner. This is him playing in an elevator: so you can imagine he is pretty darn good onstage! 🙂

And he was. We were quite far back from the stage so it wasn’t too loud but with the help of the zoom lens, we managed to get some pics.

Yes, as you can see, we were quite far away!

The weather was divine!

Smidge spent time walking round like he owned the place!

We enjoyed some great tunes- Galactic, Newton Faulkner, Jack Johnson, Joe Robinson, and even heard Jessica Mauboy doing a cover of Hey-ya! by Outcast- and she nailed it!

And we even managed to get Newton to sign Smidge’s first festival gumboot.

And grab a photo of DH, Smidge and Newton together. Although Smidge was quite concerned about the guy drawing on his shoes. Hehe!

And after a loooong day, it was great to get back to the motel for a good nights rest before the Easter Bunny’s visit. More photos to come later…

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  1. Hi, I came across your blog by accident, loved it, and was wondering (this may sound strange) if you happened to keep a copy of the venue map from the bluesfest, you see I am studying graphic design and we have to make a mock programme, silly me chose the Byron Bluesfest. You can see the poster I made for it on my blog ( and a copy of the map would be great as I haven’t been to an outdoors festival like that for years & I know they have a particular set up. If you do and it’s not too much trouble would you be able to scan it & contact me through my blog. Thanks, Robyn.
    PS, Your son is so cute & your blog is interesting reading – I had 3 boys in 4 years (& brestfed them all) they are clever, well behaved & love their mum, the eldest is turning 16 in Dec.


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