The journey to find my waistline (part 4)

Ok, firstly…an apology. I did stick to my plans that I laid out in my last post. Well, all of them up until the one where I said that good or bad, I would be back here to blog. I did everything I planned to and guess what happened? Yep, I put on more weight. So yes, I was disgruntled, I was upset and I took it out on the blog. Please bear with me.

I finally have an achievement to share! I have now lost 4 kilos. 3 weeks ago I got sick. Not badly, just enough to feel sorry for myself and have my husband stay home to look after Smidge for the day. And something felt like it changed for me. I just decided I had had enough. And not surprisingly, wishing and hoping to get fitter and healthier just wasn’t cutting it. So here it is…

It has been 3 weeks since I have had chocolate. I am a chocolate addict so this is a big deal. I am no longer addicted and funnily enough, don’t really miss it.

I have started eating breakfast. Since I started making sure that I have eaten I have found that I don’t need a mid morning snack but am ready for something substantial at lunch.

3pm still hits me like a ton of bricks but I have found some delicious yoghurt that tastes likea treat and is only one point on the Weight Watchers system- yay!

And then dinner, which has always been pretty healthy in our household.

I feel like I am eating about 4 times more than I used to, although some days I have to really make myself have breakfast or lunch (bad, I know)

I don’t snack in between these times and all of a sudden the weight is starting to shift. I hope to come back and give another update soon, but in the meanwhile. Here are some cute pics from our life….

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