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The journey to find my waistline (part 1)

Slow and steady.

That’s what I’m counting on to get me there. 3 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers. Since having my son my weight has gotten out of hand. Well, actually I was not a great weight to start with before I was pregnant, but within a few weeks of having him I had lost all my pregnancy weight plus some. And now, I weight more than I did when I was 40 weeks pregnant. That can’t be good.

So I joined Weight Watchers.

I went camping for a week and missed my first weigh in. The week after I got back I was feeling great, I had been quite dedicated. I know that when you start a diet you usually lose weight quickly in fluids and then it slows down. So I weighed in and had lost…700 grams. Hmph! Well, it’s a start, but not quite the roaring success I had planned.

The next week I started to slip a little, off the side of the wagon (I know, how much self dicipline do I have- can’t even last 3 weeks) but I still took into account some of the lessons I had learnt in that first meeting. I ate breakfast, even lunch! And when I went back to weigh in this week, I had lost another 1.3 kgs. Woohoo! That means I’m 2 kilos down in three weeks. And all of a sudden it’s not looking so bad.

So wish me luck, because I’m going to keep going. That tiny little number has given me the glimmer of motivation that I needed to claw my way back up onto the wagon. I’ll let you know whether I can stay on it after my next weigh in!


I’m a little bit stuck.

I’m trying to think of something interesting, charming, quirky, intelligent and witty to write about so that by the time Deb gets back from her holiday we have a lovely long post with lots of positive comments below it to surprise her with 🙂

Can anyone help me with some topics that you would like to read about?

Wishing you all…

…a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

May your 2010 be everything that you hope it to be. And may your resolutions last at least through to February!

Wordless Wednesday

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

13 things I’ll be doing this Christmas.

 1. Get up really early on Christmas morning. By choice!

2. Leave carrots and water for the reindeers to eat and a biscuit for Santa.

3. Drink champagne slushies by the pool in the afternoon….bliss…..

4. Dress my son in a Christmas tee shirt.

5. Play carols on the car stereo all week.

6. Help my son be ‘Santa’s Helper’ and hand out presents to his Grandparents.

7. Eat an enormous amount of summer fruits- mango, nectarines, apricots….

8. Send Santa a thankyou letter.

9. Hang our stockings in the family room.

10. Enjoy every minute I get to spend with my family.

11. Watch in delight as my husband and son play with their presents.

12. Attend the Children’s Mass at our church and savour singing Christmas Hymns really loudly.

13. Wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

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Does anonymity breed stupidity?

Or rather should I say, does the anonymity of the internet make it far easier to be sexist, racist, homophobic and so on and so forth?

This week I recieved a forwarded email. It was a poorly written racist rant that started with “When will this stop?”  It moaned about how ‘they’ want to sing our national anthem in foreign languages, how ‘they’ are trying to have certain foods sold in school tuckshops and how ‘we’ Aussies were not ‘consulted’ about this change.

It went on with some other crap which I skimmed over, too incredulous that anyone could send me this until I got to:

‘If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone….YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!’

Are you kidding me? Does anyone really think I would forward this racist propaganda?

Never, ever in ‘real life’ would anyone dare to talk to me about how ‘Australia will no longer be the country of choice’ if we allow immigration.

And another day this week I logged onto Facebook to find a status update that says that asylum seekers should kill themselves. What?! Who are the people who are writing this utter, utter…words I won’t write!

Is it just me, or are the gutless masses finding solace in a world of anonymity?

Not only did I not forward the email, I replied to all who had been sent it and thanked the sender for reminding us that we live in a country not only blessed with a wide range of cultures and traditions but also with a small (I hope) group of people who are stupid and will blindly forward emails without thinking of the implications to the people around them.


Wordless Wednesday- Waiting for Daddy…

Waiting for Daddy...

Waiting for Daddy...


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What are we teaching our kids?

I was in my car today, pulled up at a red light when a catchy song came on the radio.

You’re on the phone with your girlfriend
She’s upset.
She’s going off about something that you said
‘Cuz she dosent get your humor like I do

If you could see that I’m the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can’t you see, you
You belong with me

And it was there at the traffic lights that I had a thought: Is this why Mums are competitive, trying to outdo each other with stories of babies who sleep through the night at 5 weeks, children who would never raise their voice at the supermarket and tales of children who turn their nose up at all but organic, fair trade, locally produced food?

Is it ingrained? We seem to be surrounded by messages that tell us that it is every woman for herself.

On Taylor Swift’s fan website, she states that she writes songs that her fans can relate to, rather than songs about life on the road, touring America. From everything I have seen, she is a beautiful, intelligent girl who seems to have her ‘head on straight’. I don’t blame her for writing songs that girls can relate to, but it’s just such a shame that this is something that teenage girls can relate to!

Last night I spent time reading a parenting forum. I haven’t visited the site before, but I was intrigued. As I sat and read some of the most recent topics, I was amazed at the way these Mums tore shreds off each other. Some of the phrases were things like “You are obviously cruel and don’t care about your kids” and “You women are a pack of dogs”. I wasn’t there for long. As far as I’m concerned, parenting forums are a place to go for support, or for different perspectives on parenting and life…not for abuse like that!

Then today was the story in the newspaper of a women who has just given birth to twins, her 11th and 12th children. The article itself was straightforward, but the public comments afterwards were horrific! Does it really make anyone feel better to crucify others for the choices they make? Even though it really will have little or no impact on the way that you live?

Why is it that people would rather compete with each other rather than support each other? How can we teach our kids compassion, empathy and consideration if we aren’t willing to ‘walk the talk?’

13 Milestones of Parenting


1. The Emergency Shower…

Yelling “Come here quickly and take your clothes off!” to my husband and watching his face as he realised that it was never going to mean what it used to mean…now it meant getting in the shower to wash our son down after a ‘poo-nami’

2. The Poo Scoop…

Along the same vein as number 1. The horror of realising that your child has ‘number two-ed’ in the bath and the best way to get rid of it is to scoop it straight into the toilet with a bare hand. (Please note: My husband is very open to suggestions of better ways to deal with this situation)

3. The ‘Burmuda Triangle’…

Formally known as ‘the car’, the day you realise that toys, half eaten biscuits and odd shoes have all become part of the Burmuda Triangle in the footwell. Perhaps that’s where all the odd socks are too…

4. The Family Bed…

Anyone who tells you sleeping with a baby will kill any chance of romance needs to think outside of the box. While I know it’s not for everyone, there is nothing so special to my husband and I as waking up to our son’s big morning grin stretching across his face as he sees his favourite people.

5. The Public Tantrum Solidarity Nod…

Ok, I admit it. I used to be one of ‘those’ people in the shopping centre who always thought there must be a better way to deal with tantruming children. Now, I don’t pretend to know what parents should do…I just give a sympathetic nod of solidarity. There but for the Grace of God I go!

6. Time Share Toileting…

The day I left work to begin maternity leave I assured my boss that I would never, under any circumstances, allow a child into the toilet while I was in there. Two weeks later I was eating my words as I sat on the toilet, breastfeeding my baby. Ah, it begins…

Flash forward a year and we are still time sharing the toilet, only now my little boy sits on his potty and sings, until it’s time to press the button, clearly one of the favourite parts of his day. How can I deny him this very special treat?

7. The Public Stripdown…

This may occur if you unwittingly decide to try on clothes in a small change room with a gap underneath the door. Unfortunate timing may mean that your child crawls underneath and you find yourself with a major dilemma…the unwilling nudie run to retrieve them, or the child on the loose. Now I understand why people use strollers.

8. Those first few words…

They give everything away about your family. Smidge’s are:

“Tiggle tiggle” (tickle, tickle)

“Oooh look!” (along with pointing finger, which translates as “Mummy, tell me all about that!!”)

“Pat, pat, pat”

“Kiss Daddy, kiss Daddy”

“Blab-blab” (the new name for the dog. She even comes when called this)

And of course “Ooooh, gentle!”

9. The Mini-Me…

This is the day that you flashback to your childhood, when your own child does something so totally you that the last 25 years just drop away and you are the little boy laying on the rumpus room floor driving a Matchbox car back and forth as you rest your head on your outstretched arm. Grandparents love seeing these ones!

10. The “Oh no, why did I teach him that” moment…

The other day my son lifted his shirt, and with a look of surprise in his eyes, poked himself in the belly button. At that moment, without a single thought in my head. I made a raspberry sound. And now our life will never be the same… Every day since I have woken to the lifting of my shirt, the poke in the belly button and that sound, followed by a hysterical laugh and then the same process repeated on Daddy, then himself, then me again. And 13 month old children apparently have no sense of when and where it is appropriate to lift up your Mum’s shirt.

11. The joy of Christmas…

It’s back. The feeling of anticipation…the endless wait…the magic! It’s all back. Last year Smidge was just 4 months old and I had spent most of the last 6 weeks in and out of hospital, so the magic wasn’t as strong as it already is this year. I love that Christmas is the time of year where anything is possible, that wishes really can come true.

12. The Mummy Lioness within…

I expect every Mum will know what I mean by this one. The day that you have to protect your child. It doesn’t matter that you are the least confrontational person, or have never defended yourself.

I experienced my first Lioness moment the other day when I saw 2 older children hitting my son on the back as he climbed out of a ball pit. I looked around for their Mums, but seeing no-one, knew it was up to me. I calmly picked him up out of their reach and said “Oh dear, we can’t hit babies, we pat them gently” and stroked his back. The little boy repeated “Pat bubba, gentle” And I felt proud of myself. Because as much as I would have liked to freak right out on those rough kids, I know that a Mummy Lioness treats other kids the way that she would like other people to treat hers.

13. Falling in love all over again…

While I sit here, trying to think of a last milestone, my husbands voice drifts up the hallway. He is reading Smidge a story as he puts him to bed. Every few pages I hear a yawn- Daddy’s, not Smidge’s. Even though he has had a long day at work, he still has time to give me a break, time for his little boy who he adores and who adores him so much. And so, even though our life has become all about our son, we have these precious moments where I fall in love with my husband all over again.

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Wordless Wednesday- Swimming Lessons


October2009 039


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