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Wordless Wednesday – The Fairy Party

The Fairy Party

13 Things I have to do for the Fairy Party!


1.  Laminate the place mats. (We’re teachers, of course we have our own laminator)

2.  Find and set up the castle tent.

3.  Go through the Fairy craft book with big girl and negotiate which craft activities she wants and I think I can manage.

4.  Decide on and prepare the food, including a couple of extras because I’m really not a good cook.  I think I can probably guarantee fruit kebabs, but you never know.

5.  Shopping expedition for food and craft stuff.  Don’t forget plates and glue.

6. Complete the present for the guest having a party the day before.  It’s a small town, so we’ve managed to have two fairy parties with the same guests on Saturday and Sunday.  Do you think they’ll notice?

7. Clean the house and backyard.

8. Graciously accept the local teenagers’ offer to come along and ‘join in’.

9. Find the various fairy/princess/mermaid costumes floating around and make sure I have enough for everyone to dress up in something.

10. Get all the craft bits and pieces half done so they are manageable for 3 year olds. 

11. Do you think we need party bags?  I have some hair clips I’ve been meaning to glue ribbons on for most of a year, plus a million stickers and balloons and they’ll make things.  I think that’s more than enough, don’t stress if I don’t get to the clips.

12. Clean the house and backyard.  That’s not a typo, it probably deserves 3 or 4 spots on the list!

13. Organise something for parents.  Lucky my husband drinks coffee or guests would be out of luck with me.

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The Fairy Party – it’s the process, not the product.

As promised!  Tiff I know exactly what you mean – I seriously want to ‘help’ big girl to make whatever she’s doing neater or more colourful.  There’s a very fine line I often slip off between showing her a new idea or easier way and taking over.

As part of the Fairy Party theme we built a diorama of fairies in their native habitat.  I’ve never actually attempted a diorama before but we happened to have a good box sitting there, and while it might look difficult it is actually a lot easier for a little kid than something like a poster.  A poster requires drawing while this involved computers, gluing, cutting and sticking.  It’s also far more interesting than drawing – not only did we get to use all sorts of different materials, we went on a special shopping expedition with just the two of us, not something we get to do all that often.  

Some of the techniques are things she’s done before or fairly similar, some were new, some she adapted.  And some were completely me!  So it was a good combination of starting her in her comfort zone, getting her to experiment, and then doing something completely new.

First I cut out two sides of the box and stabilised it, both of them helped me with sticky tape.  She had decided to build a tree, so we used the green paper as a simple background.

Putting on Flowers

Putting on Flowers

They’re very simple flowers, a variation on ones she’s done before.  Turn the patty pans inside out so you can see the pretty side and scrunch up crepe streamer up in the middle then glue it all together.  Baby girl helped scrunch things up while big girl wielded the glue brush 🙂

Leaves on top

Leaves on top

These leaves are clip art off the computer.  I set up Word and searched for clip art leaves, but she selected the ones she wanted and resized them, then printed them and cut them out.  I was intending to use green paper and the colour printer but had to go and deal with baby girl at the crucial point so she printed them herself.  It’s not a development I’m overjoyed at, but I suppose it shows she’s been watching closely.  And she would rather use the pictures she printed herself than do it again ‘properly.’

Different Materials

Different Materials

This is a pond at the bottom of the tree but it also shows some of the construction materials we used.  There are patty pans, crepe streamers, sheets of paper and card, printed clip art and torn magazines from our collage collection.  The collage collection is a little plastic divided box, when she’s been cutting magazines or coloured paper I tear it up into pieces then we sort it into colours.  It makes a great activity that’s a bit different to pencils or textas, just grab the box and the glue and she can ‘colour in’ large areas really quickly.

Different Stickers

Different Stickers

We also have an enormous sticker collection, including these nifty foam insects.  The fish are sparkly scrapping ones, but the insects just came from Coles (I think. Woolies?).  We pick stickers up all the time at $2 shops and the like, they make an ideal little present and it’s better than buying junk food as a treat!  Stickers are another way that they can make pictures really easily without having to draw.  I have extremely bad fine motor skills, I was the kid who couldn’t trace over the lines when we were learning to write.  So I find it immensely frustrating trying to transfer the designs in my head onto a page when I can barely rule a straight line.  Computers have literally changed my life, allowing me to present in a completely different way.  I’ve also been caught out in a class thinking that drawing was the easy option, then ended up having to ditch the science for an art lesson!  I’m very aware of trying to give my girls lots of opportunities to find different ways to express themselves.

And here’s the whole thing.



The fairies are clip art that I copied and flipped so they are double sided.  They are stuck together with these cool little squares of double sided foam we found on our shopping expedition and a thread is sandwiched in between, then the butterflies on the top of the tree are stuck over the other end of the string.

She’s had a ball playing with it, taking the fairies down to get a drink, putting them in their beds, flying up the top to eat flowers and leaves.  She even decided that the fairies should visit their friends and flew them over to her countdown calendar!  After a little visit, they went back to hanging out in their tree.

The Tree Fairies visiting the Calendar Fairies

The Tree Fairies visiting the Calendar Fairies

She told me that if the fairies needed a drink in the middle of the night they could call out to her and she would get up and take them.  I can’t wait to see what else she does with it!

The Fairy Party – Themed Play

I’m a huge believer in using themes with your kids, it makes it so much easier to think of different and interesting things to do when you’re stuck in a rut.  And the Fairy Party is going very strong at the moment.  In fact big girl wanted to stay home from daycare the other day because she has so much to get done, but was reminded that she had to give her friend there an invitation.

She is so excited about her party and whatever excites her, excites baby girl who just adores her.  We have a calendar for her to cross the days off and she’s stuck it to one of the doors (literally, but clag paste won’t last forever).


She chose the colour scheme and style on Publisher, then put the pictures in.  Click and drag makes things so easy, she even learnt how to resize which takes a bit of co-ordination. 

Then we put some invitations together.

doing invites

We used the same technique of letting her choose the fonts, colours and style on Publisher while I did the actual writing, then she spent a day decorating them.  I printed out lots of extras and she had a ball!  Now there’s play with a purpose.

Invitation to the Fairy Party

OK it’s not brilliant artwork, but it’s her invitation for her party, and I’m sure her friends will love it just as much as a beautiful neat one.

The Fairy Party – the idea

Big girl is about to turn 4 (OMG!).  Up until now we haven’t done parties, mainly because I don’t see the point with such little ones who have no idea what’s going on, and also because we live interstate and her birthday falls during our school holidays.  So for most of them we’ve been staying with relatives anyway.  But last year she really seemed to twig what birthdays were about, probably because she got 3 parties with 3 sets of people, so this year we are venturing into the wonderful world of children’s parties.  I thought I would write a mini-series of blogs about it.

We’ve been tossing a few ideas around about who and when.  Two things you have to realise are that we live in the desert, and our house is a converted shed.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice shed with walls and insulation and everything, but it’s a big square box.  While the living area is relatively big it’s pretty much filled by our furniture and it’s not somewhere you would have little kids partying, especially when we have an enormous undercover area and spend most of our time outside (maybe we just need less furniture).  But then there’s the problem with the desert – we are outside until about 11am then go back out after 6pm, and neither of them are really good times for a kid’s party.

And who to invite? Most of the older kids at playgroup have started school and stopped coming, and the younger ones are less than 2.  That would be fine for running around and playing, but doesn’t really fit with the time and weather problems.  There are 3 little girls she’s friends with, but you can’t just invite 3 to a party, can you?  Then I had a brainwave.

Make it a craft party.  She was given a book designed for 10 year olds full of crafts that she desparately wants to do but they are just too complicated.  But with a bit of set up time I can modify them for 4 little girls.  And with a fairy theme we can spend the next couple of weeks making invitations, thinking of games, choosing activities and testing out foods.  Then the 4 of them can dress up in fairy clothes, play in her castle and make fairy things.  We’ve already put together a little calendar for her to mark off the days and tomorrow we’ll be finishing invitations, so I’ll let you see them after that.