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13 Ways of Showing Love

Thursday 13

It’s Valentine’s Day coming up!  While our society seems to think this is all about young couples, there are a lot of other people in our lives we love, young and old, these are some ideas of different ways to show them.

  1. Phone someone you haven’t seen for ages.
  2. Have special one-on-one time, especially if you have more than one child it can be hard to find.
  3. Do someone else’s ‘job’ for them, like the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, especially if you know they don’t like it.
  4. A sleep in!  Breakfast in bed is even better.
  5. Write a letter, complete with pictures, even if you live in the same house.
  6. Let them choose the activity after dinner, whether that’s the game they want to play or the TV programme.
  7. A foot massage or shoulder rub, or for little ones brushing their hair.
  8. Tell them something they do that makes you happy.
  9. Hand make them something – a present, a card or a cake, whatever you’re good at.
  10. A little present, for kids some stickers or pencils or for an adult their favourite fruit.  It doesn’t have to cost much, just show you’re thinking of them.
  11. Make their favourite meal.
  12. Go for a walk together and hold hands.
  13. A note on their pillow.

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I’m a kisser.

Last night, I welcomed a new member into our family. Now, don’t get excited- I haven’t hidden a pregnancy (although my stomach muscles say otherwise)

My darling cousin has moved back to Australia after 7 years in the UK, bringing with her her partner. Last night I met him. And he is fantastic. I have heard to so much about him in the last few years that it seemed natural to meet him with a hug and a kiss.

Yep, I’m a kisser.

He didn’t seem to be weirded out and I did tell him later that he had made it through the first and toughest part of the screening process- meeting the (possibly over) affectionate members of the extended family and not being overwhelmed (or at least hiding it really well)

My in-law side of the family are kissers too. But they kiss on the mouth. I never realised why whenever I saw them I seemed to bump heads- literally! Then I realised- when they came in for the kiss, I would turn my head to go for the cheek while they were aiming for my mouth. It was like being in year  9 again. It’s become a lot easier since I realised, but has taken a while to get used to kissing my Father in law on the mouth lol.

I was speaking to my Brother’s Girlfriend the other day who told me that she is most definately NOT a kisser. She is happy to kiss my Brother and…that’s about it- she doesn’t want to air kiss, or kiss on the cheek and when I told her about the kissing extended family on the mouth thing, she shuddered. But that’s ok.

Not everyone can be a kisser. Different strokes for different folkes and all that. But if you see me coming…pucker up!

The journey to find my waistline (part 1)

Slow and steady.

That’s what I’m counting on to get me there. 3 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers. Since having my son my weight has gotten out of hand. Well, actually I was not a great weight to start with before I was pregnant, but within a few weeks of having him I had lost all my pregnancy weight plus some. And now, I weight more than I did when I was 40 weeks pregnant. That can’t be good.

So I joined Weight Watchers.

I went camping for a week and missed my first weigh in. The week after I got back I was feeling great, I had been quite dedicated. I know that when you start a diet you usually lose weight quickly in fluids and then it slows down. So I weighed in and had lost…700 grams. Hmph! Well, it’s a start, but not quite the roaring success I had planned.

The next week I started to slip a little, off the side of the wagon (I know, how much self dicipline do I have- can’t even last 3 weeks) but I still took into account some of the lessons I had learnt in that first meeting. I ate breakfast, even lunch! And when I went back to weigh in this week, I had lost another 1.3 kgs. Woohoo! That means I’m 2 kilos down in three weeks. And all of a sudden it’s not looking so bad.

So wish me luck, because I’m going to keep going. That tiny little number has given me the glimmer of motivation that I needed to claw my way back up onto the wagon. I’ll let you know whether I can stay on it after my next weigh in!


I’m a little bit stuck.

I’m trying to think of something interesting, charming, quirky, intelligent and witty to write about so that by the time Deb gets back from her holiday we have a lovely long post with lots of positive comments below it to surprise her with 🙂

Can anyone help me with some topics that you would like to read about?

Wishing you all…

…a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

May your 2010 be everything that you hope it to be. And may your resolutions last at least through to February!

Wordless Wednesday

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

13 things I’ll be doing this Christmas.

 1. Get up really early on Christmas morning. By choice!

2. Leave carrots and water for the reindeers to eat and a biscuit for Santa.

3. Drink champagne slushies by the pool in the afternoon….bliss…..

4. Dress my son in a Christmas tee shirt.

5. Play carols on the car stereo all week.

6. Help my son be ‘Santa’s Helper’ and hand out presents to his Grandparents.

7. Eat an enormous amount of summer fruits- mango, nectarines, apricots….

8. Send Santa a thankyou letter.

9. Hang our stockings in the family room.

10. Enjoy every minute I get to spend with my family.

11. Watch in delight as my husband and son play with their presents.

12. Attend the Children’s Mass at our church and savour singing Christmas Hymns really loudly.

13. Wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

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Having a break

Hello lovely readers!

It’s getting to that time of year again, the fun one that is amazingly busy.  I am going to be busy in an extremely fun way, I’ve already driven and flown down to Perth and tomorrow I am jetting off to England, then Spain, then back to England, then Italy, Switzerland and France, then back to England again.  I don’t think I’ll have much internet access along the way, or the time to be writing posts!

Hopefully some of my fellow authors will be popping in and out, but from Deb and Hodgent we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, peaceful Summer Solstice, fantastic Festivus or friendly family celebration and a healthy beginning to 2010.

We will return with many photos and stories,


Does anonymity breed stupidity?

Or rather should I say, does the anonymity of the internet make it far easier to be sexist, racist, homophobic and so on and so forth?

This week I recieved a forwarded email. It was a poorly written racist rant that started with “When will this stop?”  It moaned about how ‘they’ want to sing our national anthem in foreign languages, how ‘they’ are trying to have certain foods sold in school tuckshops and how ‘we’ Aussies were not ‘consulted’ about this change.

It went on with some other crap which I skimmed over, too incredulous that anyone could send me this until I got to:

‘If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone….YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!’

Are you kidding me? Does anyone really think I would forward this racist propaganda?

Never, ever in ‘real life’ would anyone dare to talk to me about how ‘Australia will no longer be the country of choice’ if we allow immigration.

And another day this week I logged onto Facebook to find a status update that says that asylum seekers should kill themselves. What?! Who are the people who are writing this utter, utter…words I won’t write!

Is it just me, or are the gutless masses finding solace in a world of anonymity?

Not only did I not forward the email, I replied to all who had been sent it and thanked the sender for reminding us that we live in a country not only blessed with a wide range of cultures and traditions but also with a small (I hope) group of people who are stupid and will blindly forward emails without thinking of the implications to the people around them.


MONDAY MONEY – Getting the right gift.

As Christmas rapidly approaches I have been watching and listening with interest to friends and people around me at work as they start to get organised for the gift giving and all the associated glitz and glam of Christmas. The impact of the financial crisis might be having an affect as there is more of a feeling about getting the right gift, rather than just getting something to unwrap on the day.

I come from a fairly large family, 4 sisters and a brother, plus several foster kids that have stayed close to the family. We have all grown; married and now have children of our own. For a number of years now I haven’t bought family presents, it just became to expense. I can remember a number of years where I bought everyone something, it all added up, and in the long run I have no idea if the gifts were appreciated or not. I know that a lot of the gifts I received were dust gathers and not anything that I could find a use for.

When I moved further away things became easier. I was happy to say don’t get me anything as I will just have to try getting it home and I don’t have room in the suit case. Problem is that most of my family don’t listen, so I got some amazing gifts, like a 2 metre long pole that my nieces hand painted, or the glass bowls or glasses that were hand painted. It is not the gift, but the thought that counted. I am going to sound very cynical, but I think there was little or no thought at all put into these gifts. Nothing is better than having to throw the item out.

So there is the question of how do you get the right gift. I suppose this sounds a little mercenary, but asking them is a very good place to start. I would suggest however before going to ask people that looking at your budget and working out what you are going to spend would be the best way to go. You can then decide to tell them or not what you were planning on spending on them.

When my son was a teenager (not anymore) he knew what he wanted and was happy to tell me what it was. Most of the time I was able to get the ‘perfect’ gift for him. It was great when he told me that if I couldn’t get what he wanted, cash or a gift voucher would do just as well. Don’t you love the mind of a kid, don’t put yourself out, gimme the cash! I didn’t like doing that because I felt it wasn’t in the spirit of Christmas. It wasn’t until I saw what he did with some of the gifts that I thought were just right, that I realised what a waste of time, and money there had been into the gifts I got.

There is a huge amount of waste from Christmas. It is not just the present; there is the wrapping paper, cards, tape and string, all the trimmings for the present. I don’t want to become Scrooge, but I do think the commercialisation of Christmas has spoilt it for many reasons. I can remember mum spending many hours in the kitchen cooking up treats for family and friends as gifts. Then there were the presents that they made for the children. As our lives became busier the making and love that went into Christmas seems to have been moved onto the back burner.

This year there is going to be a different approach to gift giving for me, hopefully I can put into the thoughts of my gifts more love and attention than just the dollars required to buy something. Our family is going to be celebrating Christmas a number of times, in a number of locations, with some members of the family we haven’t spent Christmas with in about 10 years. We have decided that the children of the family will be the ones we have gifts for, rather than all members of the family. A handshake and a hug will hopefully be the special gift this year, along with being able to watch the children have fun on the day. And hopefully the gifts for the children will be something that they get enjoyment from for longer than just a couple of days before ending in the toy box or trash heap.

Rereading this I think it is a little on the negative side, I haven’t changed anything along the way as I went through it again. My reflection on this is that I have for a number of years bought and wasted some gifts that I thought were the right ones for the occasion. Looking back at things I was very wrong. So I am going to stop and consider much more carefully what it is I am going to buy to make sure that it really is the best gift for that person, with all the love and affection I can manage.

So when you are out getting those last minute things, don’t get caught buying something unless it really is the ‘right’ gift, cos it will end up trashed, one way or another!