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Wordless Wednesday – Swing

This is currently the little one’s favourite activity.  She has to swing every day when we drop her sister off at pre-school.

Wordless Wednesday – Negative

I’m used to thinking my daughters look very different.  Then someone came back to playgroup who hadn’t seen us in a couple of years, and her comment was – The little one looks just like the big one used to but with the opposite colouring!  And looking at this photo, I can see it.

Wordless Wednesday – Shape Collage

This will actually have quite a few words.  I’ve found a fantastic free programme called Shape Collage that does exactly that – you put your photos in and it gives you a collage in any shape you want.  It has some pre-programmed, but you can also create any silhouette you like and off you go.  I can see it will be fantastic for presents and fun!  I’ve been playing around with it, this is one I’ve made.

Wordless Wednesday- The wonderment of bugs…

The wonderment of bugs...

Wordless Wednesday – First Day

My little baby is off to her first day of pre-school (4 year olds).  Uniforms havent’ arrived yet, but she has her special school hat from the Eiffel tower and a little bento lunch we made together this morning.  She does 2 1/2 hours every afternoon.  She’s so excited!

Wordless Wednesday – Counting Down!

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Wordless Wednesday – Christmas With Love

This is the jigsaw puzzle our 4 year old daughter made for her cousin.

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