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The Perfect Nappy Stash

I’ve been shopping. I have to admit, I feel a real sense of satisfaction when I exchange numbers online for spend money on good quality products. Especially when they’re not for me.

My sister in law is pregnant with child number 5, and I’ve convinced her to “go cloth”. She was a bit hesitant at first, especially with the initial financial outlay, so I thought I’d sweeten things for her by buying the bulk of her nappy stash.

I think she’s got pretty much all she needs to get her through the first year. But I noticed her stash looks pretty different to my own. So it got me thinking, what constitutes the “perfect nappy stash”?

So this is what her’s is comprised of:            

24 Terry Towel Squares, 3 Blueberry Coveralls, 2 Small BBH covers, 2 Medium BBH covers, 3 Medium Itti Bitti All-in-Ones, 1 Haute One-Sized Pocket, 2 microfibre inserts and 6 Thirsty Doublers.

And this is mine:

6 flannel flats,  1 Mother Ease One-Size fitted, 1 Itti Bitti Large All-in-One, 9 Bumgenius One-Size Pockets each with a newborn and large microfibre insert, 3 Pop-In Bamboo All-in-Two’s, 3 Pop-In Dream Dri’s, 2 Blueberry Coveralls, 3 Pop-In Bamboo night boosters, 1 Hemp Big Weed, and a couple of newborn size nappies that I won on my last Hunt.

There’s a pretty hefty price difference between the 2, which is pretty obvious seeing as how mine is predominantly pockets and all in ones/twos. The covers and flannels are actually one of the last things I bought for myself (I mean my daughter).

Because I made the switch to cloth when she was around 18 months old, I was so accustomed to using disposables that I wanted a cloth nappy system that was as easy to use as possible. Hence the 9 Bumgenius and 6 Pop-In’s.

4 months into cloth nappying, I felt “safe” enough to try flannels and covers. Sounds strange I know, but I needed to overcome that fear of the “unknown”. I can imagine my grandma being similarly freaked out by MCNs and disposables!

Hence why the first things I bought for my SIL were the terry towels. They are without doubt the most cost-effective option, and so easy/simple to use, if a little fiddly at first. But with some good quality PUL covers (preferably double gusseted) all you have to do is fold them into a pad and put the cover around them, no Snappi/pins required! And I have found them to be so absorbent, even more so than microfibre.

The other thing that influenced my stash verses my SIL’s was number of children who may potentially use the nappies. I’ve got 1 child, hopefully there will be more in the future. She’s got 5. Enough said.

I’ve come to the conclusion that different tpes/combinations of nappies work well for different babies/carers. I’m sure someone else could have told me that, but it was fun (and expensive) finding out for myself.

So, what’s in your nappy stash, and why did you choose that particular combination?